We know our products are good and produce superb results.

But dont just take our word for it. Here are some success stories from farmers and breeders.


Fair Comment
I have used Grow a Drop on my two show animals. I was pleased with the way it worked. I also used the Supreme Finisher which gave the animals good muscle and a bloom to their coats. I felt the two products worked well together with one complimenting the other.

My Natural Stockcare Agent helped me decide which products would be beneficial to my animals.

Overall I have been delighted with the results I have been getting.

James Nisbet, Sorn Mains, Sorn, Ayrshire


Healthy Thriving Calves
Through October to mid November 2007 we had one of the worst spells in trying to rear calves for a long time.The calves when born looked fine, they were all given colostrum within 4 to 5 hours of birth. They had calf pellets, straw and fresh water from 4 or 5 days of age. Some calves took their colostrum milk failry well, others were not so keen. It was the same after about 5 feeds of colostrum they stayed on cows milk since then to what should have been 6 or 7 weeks to weaning, but the calves were not getting past 4 to 5 weeks they died. A day before the calves went down the flesh fell off them from one end of the day to the other, this was both heifer and bull calves off our two stock bulls. We tried everything we could with them, it was like fighting a loosing battle, we could hardly keep a calf alive, as well as dreading the next calf feeding time, to see another one sick or dead. It was a massive financial loss and replacements of the stock decreasing.

On 22nd Decemeber agter discussions with the Natural Stockcare Agent about the ongoing problem we bought At Birth tubes to application each calf within 12 hours of birth. Grow a Drop plus applicationd at 10ml per calf with Copper Cobalt at 3ml per application, these two applications added to the milk once a week for 3 weeks.

It is now the start of May 2008 and since starting to work with this routine our calves are easier started, easier fed, growing, thriving, eating better and their coats are shiny. Shortly when the weather improves some of these calves will go to grass, they will receive another application of Grow a Drop Plus and Copper Cobalt at the rates of 5ml and 2ml per 50kgs.

We are well pleased with our routine now it is more pleasure to feed calves that look for a feed and look well from day one onward.

Midaffleck Farm, Auchinleck , Ayrshire


Cottage Flock sees Increased Growth rates with Natural Stockvare Products Jimmy Bell, Cottage Flock started breeding Bluefaced Leicesters around 10 years ago. He now has 24 ewes which are kept at Whelphill Farm, Crawford, wgere he is employed.

he has used Natural Stockcare products on his Blueface Leicester flock for the last 2 years, he uses Grow a Drop Plus on his lambs and says "I have seen increased growth in my lambs since I started using Grow a Drop Plus"

Another product from the range is twin Plus, which Jimmy's ewes receive twice a year pre-tupping and pre-lambing. Jimmy also uses Trans-Vite Top Dress which helps to de-stress and give better food conversion leading to a healthy growth rate.

Jimmy Bell, Whelphill Farm, Crawford


Success at Low Fors - My Lambs are thriving like never before
I did an experiment on my ewes dosing half with Twin Plus pre-tupping. Then the half I dozed pre-tupping and halved that again I dozed pre-lambing and I took half the lambs that were not applicationd with Twin Plus pre-tupping and applicationd then pre-lambing.

What I found was the lambs of the ewes that had two applications of Twin Plus were far healthier and the ewes practically lambed themselves. All lambs were up and suckling within minutes of being born.

All lambs were given 2ml of Grow a Drop Plus three days after birth and they are thriving like I have never seen before.

The lambs whose mothers were given two applications of Twin Plus have not had one casualty, these lambs certainly are way ahead of the others. My Natural Stockcare Agent is also advising me on feeding Trans Vite to my dairy herd to improve food conversion therefore cows are receiving all food consumed. This in turn has increased my productivity and quality milk yield.

John Pratt, Low Fors Farm, Bainbridge, hawes