K-Copps 2.1g (100 Capsules)

K-Copps 2.1g (100 Capsules)
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Weight: 0.24 kg
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Rod-Shaped particles of partially oxidised copper wire, containing 84-87% of copper mostly as an intimate mixture of cupric (CuO) and cuprous Cu2O oxides; 2.1 or 4.2 grams weight, providing 1.7g or 3.4g Cu, in robust capsules that are both Kosher & Halal.


Uses & Mode of Action.

K-Copps are an oral copper supplement for small ruminant livestock Specific gravity (6.5) and diameter (0.44mm) of the copper oxide particles ensure that most of the administration becomes trapped in the folds of the true stomach (abomasum), after solubilisation of the capsules in the rumen. In the acid abomasal environment (ph2), copper is slowly dissolved from the otherwise inert particles, providing a sustained supply of absorbable copper for several subsequent copper deficiency disorders.


Oral Application.

Research has shown that an effective application for Sheep, Goats, Deer and Cattle is approximately 0.11/kg liveweight and the recommended applications of K-Copps are: 

  • For Lambs over 15kg - one 2.1g capsule
  • For adult Sheep & Goats of 40 - 60Kg - one 4.2g capsule
  • For Sheep & Calves over 80Kg - two x 4.2g capsules

Administration is by an applicator gun, the capsule being forced from a soft tube by a plunger onto the back of the tongue; an audible 'gulp' denotes a successful application.

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