Grow A Drop Gold 250ml

Grow A Drop Gold 250ml
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Grow A Drop Gold is a unique liquid multivitamin supplement for Poultry and has been formulated using up to date vitamin requirement data and is based on years of experience of vitamin allowances necessary for healthy growth and development. The levels of all vitamins are balanced relative to each other and to those contributed from the feed. This eliminates potential antagonistic effects and promotes good health and well-being of the Stock.

NoSugars:Grow A Drop Gold is a liquid and requires no sugar carrier. This eliminates the build up of microbial growth associated with powder vitamin formulations. Such growth frequently blocks drinkers and has been associated with wet litter problems.

Totally Soluble: Grow A Drop Gold can be seen to be totally soluble in water, unlike some powder formulations which are 'miscible' but may separate out. A more uniform dispersion means that all birds are administered to evenly.

Ease of Administration:The in-built volumetric measure allows the required amount to be easily and accurately added to the drinking systems without the need to be pre-mixed.

Administration: Dilute 75 ml per 200 Litres (45 Gallons) of clean drinking water.

The best way to administer to a flock accurately and conveniently is the use of a proportioning system which can meter the desired concentration throughout the the administration period. If such equipment is not available, Grow a Drop Gold can be added via the header tank or directly into drinkers. Tables of water consumption and recommended daily intakes can be used to calculate the quantity needed per day for a given flock size.

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